35mm negative scanning

35mm Negative Scanning Service

Suitable for all 35mm film strips 1 - 6 images long, positives and negatives

Professional film and negative scanning service at an affordable price.

All 35mm film is scanned on a Nikon 5000ED scanners at 4000dpi.

Images are then post-processed by hand to balance colour and contrast, remove colour casts and touch up minor blemishes.

We can accommodate any specific instructions you have ensuring you get your images back exactly how you want them.

The Scanning Process

All Film / Negative Scanning Orders Include

Digital ICE

Digital ICE uses an infrared lamp as an extra scan pass to detect dust locations and subsequently paint them out giving much cleaner scans.

Post Processing

Every scan is individually checked and balanced by hand in photoshop.

Rotating & Cropping

Images are cropped and rotated by hand ensuring you get the most of your image possible.

Accepted Formats

35mm Film in strips 1 - 6 images long

35mm Film Scanning

Free Shipping

On all orders over £100 return shipping is included in the price.

Custom Naming

With each tray or sheet scanned into its own folder you are welcome to specify names for folders or files.

FREE DVD & Download Link

Your images are returned on DVD and also available as a download as soon as they are ready.

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The above price is for 35mm Negatives scanned at 4000dpi - Full Post Processing - Free DVD & Download

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How Do I Proceed


Select the film / negatives you want scanning, fill in the order form via the Order Now button below.


Package your film / negatives securely and send them via a recorded delivery service to the address below.


Your film / negatives are scanned and will be available for download as soon as they are ready.


Images are saved to DVD or USB and returned with your slides.