The Scanning Process

  • Slides are all scanned at 4000 dpi

  • 35mm Film is scanned at 4000 dpi

  • Photos are scanned at 600dpi or 1200dpi

  • Medium Formats are scanned at 3200dpi

Final cropped images are around 5300 x 3600 pixels.

Not really, what I may consider to be a slightly blurred image of a garden may be your fondest memory.

Also the best way I have to know the quality of a slide or negative is to scan it.

Do not write off blurred images, Photoshop currently has a shake reduction feature that aims to remove camera shake from photos. While at the moment results are hit and miss, this technology I feel will only get better. It may be possible in the near future to vastly improve images with camera shake.

PHOTOS – anything up to A4 in size. (there is an additional cost for photos that require flatbed scanning).

SLIDES – anything in a 5cm x 5cm slide mount. Some formats larger than standard 35mm slides may experience slight cropping. 127 Format need scanning via the Medium Format scanner.

NEGATIVES/FILM – 35mm film only.

MEDIUM FORMAT – 6×6 through to 6×12 film.

Yes, I scan all medium format images on a Epson v850 Pro at 3200dpi.

35mm Slides
JPG images – 12-20+ MB
TIFF images – 100+MB

Yes – TIFFs can be supplied for an extra 10p per image, and can only be supplied on USB stick due to their size.

No – An estimated number helps me with organising my work, but there is no need for an exact count.

Yes – Subject to a minimum order charge of £25 no order is too small.

Yes – normally each slide box is scanned into its own folder. Photos can be supplied in their own envelopes / poly pockets. I can split them up however you would like.

Yes – As long as the order is obvious, items will always be scanned in order.

Yes – Ideally slides should be in good shape when they arrive. However should any card mounts need repairing this can be done at 50p per slide. Glass removal and full remounts can be done at £1 per slide. These prices are inclusive of the scan cost.

We use Nikon 5000ED scanners, a PLUSTEK OpticFilm120 for negative and medium format scanning and a Kodak PS80 for photo scanning

Photo Scanning

For normal family 5 x 7 type photos the standard service does a great job.

If you want some extra TLC or have older photos I would recommend the premium service for the best results.

Yes (probably) – As long as they are under A4 in size, the pages open fully to appear flat and the dust covers are removable for scanning.

Each page will be scanned on a flatbed scanner and photos then separated manually.

Flatbed scanning takes longer and therefore is more expensive. If photos will come out of albums it is more cost effective to scan them loose.

We can scan any photo up to A4 in size.

Post Processing

Yes – Slides and film are all manually post processed to produce the best results.

With photos there are options to either automate the corrections or do them by hand.

Yes – All images are supplied cropped and rotated and ready to view.

Postage / Delivery

200-250 slides / negatives per DVD.

Photos would depend on resolution scanned.

Medium Format – around 40.

Yes – USB sticks can be requested when ordering. 

No – I am unable to use USB sticks you send in due to security issues.

More often than not it’s better to leave your items in the containers they are currently stored in.

Pack them in card boxes, use as much packing material as you can.

If the weight of the package is below 2kg, Royal mail recorded delivery works well. Royal mail also now will collect your packages.

If the weight is above 2kg it is often cheaper to courier the items – I use UPS or DPD via the INTERPARCEL website.

If you are local or worried about using a postal service you are welcome to hand deliver items during the day, evening or weekend by prior arrangement.


Current prices are displayed on the prices page.

You can also get a full quote via my order page.

Yes – Please use my online quote form for an accurate quotation.

USB sticks are currently £8 for a 16GB version.

There is nothing to pay up front. On completion of the work an invoice is generated and you can pay via –

  • Cheque – made payable to H Spencer
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal Invoice

I keep my prices as low as possible. Overheads are low so you are mostly paying for our time.

We run 4 x Nikon 5000-ED scanners, a PLUSTEK OpticFilm 120 and a Kodak PS-80 all in parallel, meaning we have a good throughput of items.

I have been using Photoshop for over a decade, keyboard shortcuts, combined with predefined action groups means that manual post processing is a streamlined process.

Put your memories into safe hands

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